Outreach Events

Free and open to the public.  See event calendar for details.

January 257:00 pmHemlock CrossingsWinter/Spring Constellations
February 227:00 pmHemlock CrossingsStellar Evolution
March 227:00 pmHemlock CrossingsSupernovae and Black Holes
April 267:00 pmHemlock CrossingsThe Moon
May 247:00 pmHemlock CrossingsSummer/Fall Constellations
June 289 – 11 pmHemlock CrossingsStar Gazing
July 269 – 11 pmHemlock CrossingsStar Gazing
August 239 – 11 pmHemlock CrossingsStar Gazing
September 277:00 pmHemlock CrossingsFamous Spacecraft
October 257:00 pmHemlock CrossingsSpace Telescopes
November 227:00 pmHemlock CrossingsMeteor Showers

Curtis Center Park is located downtown Holland on the corner of 8th Street and College Ave next to JP’s Coffee and Espresso Bar
Hemlock Crossings is an Ottawa County park located at 8115 West Olive Road, in Port Sheldon Township


Meeting Schedule

SAAA meetings occur monthly throughout the school year, starting in September and ending in June.  Meeting time is 7pm on the second Thursday of the month.  The location is Macatawa Bay School in the planetarium.  Our meetings are open to the public.  See event calendar for details.


Looking for New Members

Wanted – astronomy enthusiasts.  The SAAA wants to grow the astronomy community in West Michigan.  If you have an interest in astronomy, telescopes or just curious about the cosmos, we’d like to hear from you.


What’s Up in the Sky

What’s Up in the Sky – December, 2014 Comet Landing Highlights December’s Other Stellar Events I’ll be honest. I was hoping that I would be reporting on exciting new discoveries from the surface of a comet in this column. But, although there are, indeed, historic activities taking place, the risks and unknown factors of space …

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What’s Up in the Sky

What’s Up in the Sky – November, 2014 Asterisms and You We batted .500 for October with the lunar eclipse being spectacular under clear skies but the partial solar eclipse last Thursday being invisible through clouds that appeared on the scene about an hour prior to the start of the eclipse.  And that was after …

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