Event Calendar

General meetings occur at 7pm on the second Thursday of the month throughout the school year (i.e., September-June). Meetings are located in the planetarium at Macatawa Bay School 3700 140th Avenue, Holland, Michigan.

Click here for directions to Macatawa Bay School.


Star Party Observing Schedule

SAAA members are encouraged to study the sky to accomplish Astronomical League Observing Programs. Sessions occur on Friday nights around 3rd-quarter or new Moon.  These events provide a setting for serious observing by club members. Hemlock Crossing is open to the public and guests are always welcome.


Saturday April 30, 2016Starting at 9 pmHemlock Crossing Ottawa County Park


About SAAA Star Parties

The Shoreline Amateur Astronomical Association sponsors monthly observing sessions called ‘star parties’. A star party isn’t a party in the traditional sense: members bring their telescopes or binoculars and spend an evening observing constellations, hunting down deep sky objects, and viewing everything from planets and stars to countless nebulae, clusters, comets, satellites and many other fascinating objects.

While a star party provides a place for serious observing, visitors are encouraged to join us and are always welcome. A star party is the perfect outlet for those who seek to learn more about astronomy and for those who wish to experiment with various tools of the trade. Members are enthusiastic about the hobby and eager to show-off their wares. There is no better place to learn about telescopes and accessories than at a star party. You don’t need to own a telescope to attend a star party. Of course, if you do own a telescope we encourage you to bring it along. Members are willing to instruct and have many years of experience.