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Cool Stuff

The Cool Stuff that is a must have for your telescope!

The Telrad is a very versatile accessory which has stood the test of time even beating today’s modern new kids on the block. The Telrad is more than just a fancy finder as it offers the chance for beginners to pursue more advanced forms of observing as it will show exactly where your telescope is pointing to within an accuracy of 30 min’s of arc. Anyone who undertakes the serious study of the deep sky, variable stars and comets etc. will find the Telrad a gift sent from heaven.

An extra base so you can move you Telrad to your other scope!

Need something to stop the dew on your Telrad?
This is it.

Adds a pulsing reticle to the Telrad making it much easier to use on the field.
Easy to install, takes no more than five minutes. No soldering necessary,
adds an rotary knob to control reticle pulsing which becomes the new on off switch.
Once you use it, you will not understand how you got by without it.

In my short time using this telescope, I have found it very easy to use; much easier than a regular full tube telescope. I have an easy time finding planets, and keeping them in my sight, without having to twist and tighten a whole bunch of knobs. It is easy to focus; very similar to using a microscope to view planets.

This is a great scope that I would highly recommend to other beginners like myself. It is at the limit of what I am willing to carry (20-25 pound each for the base and the scope). Putting it together was very easy and I got great views with it on my first night out. The 8 inch mirror provides very nice views. I saw the galaxies M81 and M82 in one field of view, the globular cluster M13 and the planetary nebula M57 on my first night out. This scope is a big step up from my last 60mm scope. I can now split the pole star easily for example. It is not a small scope, so go see one in person if you can at a starparty or a store if possible, to see if you feel comfortable handling it. (Or look at any 8 inch scope to get an idea.) The fact that this scope can collapse is very convenient. The mechanism for this is very sturdy and does not seem to affect the stability of the scope. It also makes carrying and storing it pretty easy. One minor drawback is the fact that it did not come with a collimation …

The collapsible tube design is a really elegant feature. It makes the scope much more manageable to set up. I usually take the tube out of the rocker box when moving the scope. When disassembled, the collapsed tube is much easier to carry through a doorway, and I don’t worry as much about banging the scope into any doorjambs. I can lift the scope with the two altitude handles if I wish (the entire scope weighs 59 pounds, I checked using a bathroom scale). The handle hardware is robust and will easily support the weight of the scope.