Upcoming Events


Holland State Park Events

After sunset.  Appropriate for all ages.  Open to all park guests and visitors. 
Vehicle pass required to park in the state park

July 11       Public Star Gazing.  SAAA members are encouraged to bring telescopes and binoculars. Members will setup telescopes on the basketball court located north of the concessions building.  Visible objects include stars, planets, the Moon, galaxies, star clusters, and planetary nebulae.

August 7    Meteors and Smores. The Perseids meteor shower begins July 14th and ends September 1st. The shower peaks on August 12th. Holland State Park will provide the s’mores and we’ll all get to watch meteors in the night time sky. Bring blankets and chairs for the event.


Hemlock Crossing Public Observatory

The observatory is open to the public on Friday evenings throughout the year whenever viewing conditions allow.  Dress appropriately as the temperature inside the observatory will match the outside ambient temperature.  Night sky tour includes: visible planets, the Moon, galaxies, star clusters and planetary nebulae.  When viewing conditions call for overcast skies, chance of rain or snow, the viewing session will be canceled.


Club Meetings

Club meetings are open to the public.  They occur at 7pm on the second Thursday of the month throughout the school year (September – May). Meetings are held in the planetarium at Macatawa Bay School 3700 140th Avenue, Holland, Michigan.  There are no club meetings in the summer months (June – July – August).

Click here for directions to Macatawa Bay School.


Lectures at Hemlock Crossing

SAAA presents informational and educational lectures at Hemlock Crossing inside the Nature Education Center on the second Saturday of the month.  Programs are followed by public observatory sessions accompanied by member’s telescopes.  The goal is to have fun while learning.

2024 Lecture Schedule

Jan 137 pm Lecture:  Artemis, Return to the MoonMike Cortright
Feb 107 pmLecture:  NASA OSIRIS Rex Asteroid Mission Mike Long
Mar 97 pmLecture:  April Full Solar EclipseDavid Debruyn
Apr 138 pmLecture: Spring and Summer SkyKarl Rijkse
May 118 pmLecture: Women in AstronomyPeter Burkey
Jun 8duskObservatory: Public NightSAAA Members
Jul 13duskObservatory: Public NightSAAA Members
Aug 10duskObservatory: Public NightSAAA Members
Sep 148 pmLecture: Astronomy in ArtFrank Roldan
Oct 127 pmLecture:  Finding Things in the Night SkyBarry Schoenfelner
Nov 97 pmLecture:  Telescope BasicsFrank Roldan