Schedule of Events

Free and open to the public except private events.  See event calendar for details.

DateStart TimeLocationEvent
January 47 pmHemlock CrossingThe Universe in a Nutshell
January 97 pmWest Ottawa PlanetariumClub Meeting
February 17 pmHemlock CrossingMoon Rocks and Craters
February 137 pmWest Ottawa PlanetariumClub Meeting
March 77 pmHemlock CrossingThe Spring Sky
March 127 pmWest Ottawa PlanetariumClub Meeting
April 48 pmHemlock CrossingAstrophotography
April 167 pmWest Ottawa PlanetariumClub Meeting
May 28 pmHemlock CrossingThe Summer Sky
May 147 pmWest Ottawa PlanetariumClub Meeting
June 6After SunsetHemlock CrossingPublic Star Gazing
June 117 pmWest Ottawa PlanetariumClub Meeting
July 11After SunsetHemlock CrossingPublic Star Gazing
August 1After SunsetHemlock CrossingPublic Star Gazing
September 58 pmHemlock CrossingThe Fall Sky
September 107 pmOnline MeetingClub Meeting
October 37 pmHemlock CrossingCurrent Topics in Astronomy
October 87 pmOnline MeetingClub Meeting
November 77 pmOnline Program Planispheres
November 127 pmOnline MeetingClub Meeting
December 107 pmOnline MeetingClub Meeting

No club meetings in July or August
Curtis Center Park is located downtown Holland on the corner of 8th Street and College Ave
Hemlock Crossing is an Ottawa County park located at 8115 West Olive Road, in Port Sheldon Township.  Programs are held in the Nature Education Center building and public sky viewing is in the parking lot.
West Ottawa Planetarium is at Macatawa Bay Middle School at 3700 140th Avenue in Holland

Meeting Schedule

SAAA club meetings occur throughout the school year, starting in September and ending in June.  Meeting time is 7pm on the second Thursday of the month.  The location is Macatawa Bay School in the planetarium.  Our meetings are open to the public.  See event calendar for details.

Looking for New Members

Wanted – astronomy enthusiasts.  The SAAA wants to grow the astronomy community in West Michigan.  If you have an interest in astronomy, telescopes or just curious about the cosmos, we’d like to hear from you.

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