Feb 05

February 2009

We met on Monday February 5th at the 84 East Pasta. The meeting lasted from 5:30 p.m. until approximately 7:15 p.m.

In attendance: Jim Reier, Frank Roldan, Peter Burkey, George Miller

Old Business Items
1. The Jan. 30th preparation training for the Black River Science Olympiad went very well. This will be logged as our first Night Sky Event of 2009.

2. Planetarium maintenance-
A Wi-Fi data network has been added to the room, and works very well.
A dimmer switch has been installed to control the room lights.
The School will provide new stackable chairs, to replace the aging folding chairs.
*The Planetarium projector still has problems with several features.

3. Treasury report- Current account balance is $809.71

New Business Items

1. Recent but inactive SAAA members will be invited to the Feb. 13th Park Township program, with a reminder to renew their dues for 2009.

The Park Twp class will be split into two groups, which will rotate between:
-Planetarium: “Tour of the Solar System”
-Classroom: Pocket Solar System project and a PowerPoint slide show by Larry Logsdon.

2. Peter inquired about obtaining dry ice, to build a model comet for public demonstrations.

3. George obtained a batch of SAAA brochures, and dropped them off at the Holland Area Chamber of Commerce. Additional brochures may be left at the Visitor and Convention Bureau.

4. SAAA Star Party is tentatively scheduled for Friday, Feb.27th at Vivekananda Monastery.

5. The March 13th SAAA meeting will explore the latest Night Sky Network program.

George Miller- Secretary