Mar 05

March 2009

The meeting took place on Thursday March 5th at the Beechwood Inn from 5:30 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.

In attendance: Jim Reier, Frank Roldan, Peter Burkey

Old Business Items

1) Treasury Report:
Account balance as of March 5th is $859.71

2) IYA2009 International Year of Astronomy
The board discussed ways to celebrate IYA2009 in the community. The following ideas have been proposed:

  1. Setup telescopes for public viewing of Saturn in the Spring
  2. Coincide public viewing of Saturn with 1st quarter Moon
  3. Work with local movie theatres to allow the club to setup telescopes on opening night of the new Star Trek movie
  4. Work with Ottawa County parks to authorize public viewing sessions. Suggested parks include: Rosey Mound, Kirk Park and Hemlock Park
  5. Work with Outdoor Discovery Center or DeGraaf Nature Center to co-sponsor astronomy workshops using NSN toolkit resources

Frank has volunteered to research dates for these events and will help contact the necessary authorities.

3) Next General Meeting on March 13th

  1. Award ceremony to reward those individuals who participated in five or more NSN events in 2008 with NSN award pins.
  2. Our comet chef, Peter Burkey, will build a comet out of dry ice, ammonia, corn syrup water and dirt.
  3. Training of the latest NSN toolkit titled: “Telescopes: Eyes on the Universe”

4) Astronomy Day on May 2nd/ Tulip Time Fireworks On Friday May 1st
We discussed celebrating Astronomy Day in Holland. May 2nd occurs during Tulip Time. The night of the fireworks display is Friday, May 1st. Peter suggested setting up telescopes near the entrance of Kollen Park. As the crowd leaves, we can provide views of Saturn and other objects.

New Business Items
1) Payment Received
Jim Reier received payment from Park Township for February’s “Tour of the Solar System” program. The check was transferred to the treasury in the amount of $92.00.

“Thanks to our many members who volunteered that night. The program ran flawlessly and public response was well received. – J.Reier

2) Messier Marathon
The Messier Marathon will be held on Friday March 27th and into the morning of March 28th.

3) 2009 Star Party Schedule to Vivekananda
Jim Reier prepared a letter to Vivekananda with the observing schedule for 2009. This letter will accompany our contribution to Vivekananda later in the month.

4) Sky & Telescope Magazine Subscriptions
Reminder to all club members who are renewing or wish to receive S&T magazine at the Astronomy League discount rate. You may renew your subscription online per the renewal notice received in the mail. New members wishing to start a subscription should contact our Treasurer, Peter Burkey.

Jim Reier, president