Jun 04

June 2009

The meeting took place on Thursday, June 4th at 84 Beechwood Inn.

In attendance: Jim Reier, Frank Roldan, Peter Burkey, George Miller

Old Business Items

1) Treasury Report: Account balance as of June 4th is $953.72.

2) IYA2009 International Year of Astronomy The board discussed these ways to celebrate IYA2009 in the community:
a) Peter will check into our hosting an outreach program with the Holland Museum.
b) Jim will contact Dave Cramer with Michigan State Parks to setup viewing sessions at Holland SP (July 20th?), Van Buren SP (Aug. 24th?).
c) We should also keep the Outdoor Discovery Center and DeGraaf Nature Center on our list of potential astronomy workshops using NSN toolkit resources.

3) SAAA Member List updates George will update and distribute this list, especially to Peter for the Astronomy League member updates.

New Business Items
1) Hemlock Crossings County Park Carson reported that this park is a great venue for our private Star Gazing sessions. Our first scheduled session on May 22nd was originally cancelled due to clouds and light rain, but skies cleared in time for some good viewing.

2) Moon Occultation of Antares Jim suggested that this event on Saturday, June 6th would be a good public outreach opportunity. Occultation would begin approximately 22:15, and finish around 23:30. On June 5th, Ross at Lumir Corp gave his approval for us to use Curtis Center Park (8th and College), even though it was very late notice. Unfortunately, clouds interfered with our viewing once again.

3) Next General Meeting on June 12th SAAA will meet with Cub Scout Pack 3043 at 8:00 PM at Hemlock Crossings County Park to work on their Astronomy Belt Loop and Merit Pins. Possible backup dates are June 13th, June 19th, and June 20th.

George Miller – Secretary
June 10, 2009