Oct 01

October 2009

The October meeting took place on Thursday, October 1st at 84 East Restaurant.

In attendance: Jim Reier, Frank Roldan, Peter Burkey, George Miller

Old Business Items

1) Treasury Report:

Account balance as of Sept. 3rd                   $821.03
State of Michigan Non-Profit registration fee     -$20.00
Account balance as of Oct. 1st                    $801.03

Other expenses approved for October:
International Dark Sky Association fee ($50.00)

2) Upcoming Events:

October 8th setup for Park Township program
SAAA will meet at 6:00pm at Macatawa Bay Middle School to prepare for the October 9th program.

October 9th program for Park Township
We may need to split up into two groups. Peter will present a planetarium show for registered guests of Park Township. The other group will watch a pictorial of the Space Shuttle preparation procedures, and perform activities from previous Night Sky Network toolkits. This meeting will take the place of our regular October meeting. George will bring cider and a snack (to be reimbursed from revenue from this event).

October 16th Star Party at Vivekananda monastery
Weather permitting.

October 24th Astronomy Day activities
Peter will contact Ross at Lumir Corp. to reserve Curtis Center Park for Astronomy Day activities on Saturday, October 24th. Please keep this date open to help at the park.

November 13th SAAA meeting
Frank will lead a video presentation of the Aurora Borealis.

New Business Items

1) Girl Scout Program SAAA has been asked to present an astronomy program for a Holland Girl Scout troop and a junior Brownie troop. We chose Thursday, November 19th from 4 dates she suggested. The meeting would take place at Macatawa Bay Planetarium from 4:00pm to 5:30pm.

2) Women’s Enrichment Forum Astronomy Program SAAA has been asked to present an astronomy program for the Women’s Enrichment Forum on March 4th, 2010. This meeting would take place at Macatawa Bay Planetarium, time to be determined.

George Miller – Secretary