Mar 08

March 2010

The March meeting took place on Monday, March 8th at The Beechwood Inn.
In attendance: Jim Reier, Frank Roldan, Peter Burkey, George Miller.

Old Business Items

1) Treasury Report:

Account balance as of Feb. 4th             $889.58
Collected Membership Dues                   $60.00
Vivekananda Monastery Land-Use Fee	   -$50.00  (To be mailed)
Account balance as of Mar. 8th             $899.58

2) Event Updates:

February 12th General Meeting
Explore the new Night Sky Network web site, and present 2009 NSN service awards.

March 4th Women’s Enrichment Forum
SAAA has been asked to present an astronomy program for the Women’s Enrichment Forum on Thursday, March 4th, 2010. Meeting would take place at Macatawa Bay Planetarium, after our monthly board meeting.

3) Upcoming Events:

March 12th program for Cub Scout Troop 3055
Astronomy Belt Loop training for Cub Scout Pack 3055. MB Planetarium at 6:00 pm to set-up.

March 13th Messier Marathon
Vivekananda Monastery 8:00 pm, weather permitting.

April 9th, April 16th Star Parties
Vivekananda Monastery 8:30 pm, weather permitting.

April 19-26th National Astronomy Week
Peter will contact Lumir Corp. for permission to setup telescopes at Curtis Center Park, primarily on April 24th.

May 19th Park Township Astronomy Program
“Deep Sky Objects” MB Planetarium, 7:00 to 8:30 pm.

June 11th Monthly Meeting & Star Party
Vivekananda Monastery, weather permitting.

New Business Items

Peter obtained a donation pledge from Celestron for a “First Scope”.

Peter obtained permission to purchase a DVD of the recent PBS Nova episode, “The Pluto Files”.

George Miller – Secretary