May 06

May 2010

The board meeting took place on Thursday, May 6th at The Beechwood Inn.
In attendance: Jim Reier, Frank Roldan, Peter Burkey, and a guest appearance by George Miller.

Old Business Items

1) Treasury Report:

Account balance as of May 1st              $899.58
Web host renewal (3-year contract)        -$188.73 ($5.25/mo.)
Account balance as of May 8th              $710.85

2) Event Updates:

May 11th – Black River School Program
Astronomy program for Black River School students who are embarking on a trip to Beaver Island.

May 14th – General Meeting
Watch a NOVA video titled “The Pluto Files” starring Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Prepare for Park Township astronomy program scheduled for May 19th.

May 19th – Spring 2010 Park Township Astronomy Program
Program titled “Deep Sky Objects” presented by SAAA.

May 24th – Cub Scout Pack 3043 “Space” Elective
Astronomy program for the scouts to help them earn astronomy merit badges.

3) Upcoming Events:

June 11th – Cub Scout Astronomy Belt Loop Program
Astronomy Belt Loop training for Cub Scout Pack 3006. 8:30pm at Hemlock Crossing.

July 9 (proposal) – Holland State Park
Astronomy program at Holland State Park 8:00 pm, weather permitting.

Aug 6 (proposal) – Van Buren State Park
Astronomy program at Van Buren State Park 8:00 pm, weather permitting.

New Business Items

Our sidewalk astronomy sessions were a “big hit” in April. Jim Reier proposed offering more sidewalk astronomy sessions throughout the Summer months that coincide with the “Street Performer Series” on Thursday evenings. Peter said he wold contact LUMIR to request Thursdays in July.

Frank Roldan shared specifications on portable planetariums and we discussed ways of obtaining grants to purchase such a system for our outreach endeavors.

The board reviewed the IRS tax laws relating to the Pension Protection Act of 2006 which requires non-profit organizations to file an annual 990 form. We contacted the IRS to review our EIN number status and to assist us to file the e-Postcard 990-N form.

Jim Reier – president