Mar 17

March 2005

Board Meeting – March 17, 2005

Present: Pete Burkey, Jim Reier, Mark Logsdon, Larry Logsdon

Treasurer’s Report: $561.28

Old Business:

  • Get Sky & Telescope subscriptions of $32.95 in by the April meeting. If you
    have received an invoice, give it to Mark Logsdon
  • International Dark Skies payment has been made
  • Clear Sky Clock has been paid $25.00
  • Astronomical League membership has lapsed. Mark Logsdon will review
  • Planetarium status – school administration is in the process of negotiating to get equipment repaired/updated
  • Logo status – Terry and his wife continue to work out details concerning number of stitches for the logo
  • NIAGfest Star Party in Northern Indiana is scheduled for April 22-23. Call or see Larry Logsdon if you need a registration form

New Business:

  • April meeting will be April 21st. Robert Wade will be speaking to us about his February travels to the Florida Star Party
  • Board approved 2005 gift of $50.00 to Vivekananda Monastery
  • June 10-11, Dayton Ohio Star Party
  • There was discussion of changing the name of SAAA. Due to legal state requirements and paperwork involved, the name will be unchanged
  • Refreshments reminder:
    • April – John Alderson
    • May – Carson Mantooth
    • June – George Miller

Respectfully submitted by Larry Logsdon