Feb 02

February 2006

Board Minutes February 2, 2006

In attendance: Pete Burkey, Mark Logsdon, Robin Hudson

Treasurers Report: $ 499.92

Old Business

  1. Membership Dues: Please have all dues paid at the next club meeting.
  2. Februarys Club meeting will be collimating telescopes, by Larry and Terry for members.
  3. Schedule to Monastery-Jim Reier
  4. Mark Logsdon looked into a guest speaker from GVSU for May meeting, but was unable to contact professor.

New Business

    1. Tax exempt status needs to be filed with the Federal Government, which I(Robin) will be looking at getting for the club. Discussion of the club name to stay the same or should be filed as Holland Astronomy Club.
    2. Terry to provide Februarys refreshments.
    3. Pete will call Lois Yonker at West Ottawa Schools about the Planetarium. Discussion of a tentative club board meeting at the Planetarium for March, if it is done, to look over and try it out. If the Planetarium is not done, then a slide presentation will be done for the open house that is scheduled in March for the public.
    4. Telescope Workshop-Pete will call Robert to see how their groups workshop went at the Air Zoo. This was the night before we attended the Air Zoo on Saturday. This may give our club the insight of possibly doing a workshop. We will also have to look at when would be a good time to have it and where. Commitment from club members in doing it
    5. Februarys club meeting will also hold a special election to elect me (Robin) or someone else for the Secretarys position.


  • Refreshment schedule is as follows:
    February Terry Amante
    March Pete Burkey
    April John Alderson
    May Carson Mantooth
    June George Miller


Respectfully submitted by Robin Hudson