Jul 11

July Star Party

We will be holding a general viewing session
This Friday 13 July at Hemlock Crossing (weather permitting Saturday is the backup rain day).
Start time 9:00PM.
The weather is looking very favorable for this party!

While a star party provides a place for serious observing,
visitors are encouraged to join us and are always welcome.

A star party is the perfect outlet for those who seek to learn more about astronomy and for those who wish to experiment with various tools of the trade.

Members are enthusiastic about the hobby and eager to show-off their wares. There is no better place to learn about telescopes and accessories than at a star party.

You don’t need to own a telescope to attend a star party. Of course, if you do own a telescope or a pair of binoculars we encourage you to bring them along and a chair.

Members are willing to instruct and have many years of experience.
There are no fees and advanced registration is not required.
Star Parties are for adults and older children.

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