May 04

May 2006

Board Minutes May 4, 2006

In attendance: Pete Burkey, Mark Logsdon, Robin Hudson, Carson Mantooth, Jim Reier

Treasurers Report: $ 483.68

Old Business

  1. The Club received a thank-you letter from the Monastery for our donation of $50.00.
  2. Jim Reier will present Leo as the constellation of the month for May.
  3. Mark Logsdon will present Virgo as the constellation of the month for June
  4. The Club will sponsor a fall presentatin for Park Township on October 19th covering deep sky objects.
  5. A Club donation of $50 will be made to the International Dark Sky Association.
  6. The Executive Board voted unanimously not to file for tax exempt status with the Federal Government.
  7. George Miller will provide refreshments for the June Club meeting.

New Business

    1. In observance of National Astronomy Day, the SAAA will setup telescopes at Kollen Park following the Tulip Time fireworks display on Friday, May 5th.
    2. The Executive Board will contact Dave Zimmer of West Ottawa Public Schools concerning clutter in the Planetarium including the removal of the old console. The Club will recommend improvements to the Planetarium such as the cove lighting, electrical outlets and routing of power cords.


  • Refreshment schedule is as follows:
    June George Miller


Respectfully submitted by Robin Hudson