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Apr 15

Hubble Shatters The Cosmic Record For Most Distant Galaxy

By Ethan Siegel The farther away you look in the distant universe, the harder it is to see what’s out there. This isn’t simply because more distant objects appear fainter, although that’s true. It isn’t because the universe is expanding, and so the light has farther to go before it reaches you, although that’s true, …

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Apr 10

Gravitational Wave Astronomy Will Be The Next Great Scientific Frontier

By Ethan Siegel Imagine a world very different from our own: permanently shrouded in clouds, where the sky was never seen. Never had anyone see the Sun, the Moon, the stars or planets, until one night, a single bright object shone through. Imagine that you saw not only a bright point of light against a …

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Jan 18

SAAA is featured in mlive news article

Attention, attention read all about it…. Our very own Frank Roldan and Kristen Hintz were interviewed to promote Saturdays “Life Cycle of Stars” program at Hemlock Crossings Ottawa County Park. The interview appears in today’s mlive news column (click to view article). Many thanks to Frank and Kristen for their outstanding contributions to educational outreach …

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Jan 16

January Outreach

Join members of the Shoreline Amateur Astronomical Association on Saturday, January 19th at 7:00 p.m. at the Ottawa County Parks Nature Education Center for a one hour indoor program on Life Cycles of Stars. Stars, just like people, go through a life cycle. They are born in “stellar nurseries,” mature, and die. Some of them …

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Aug 27

Lost Page

Membership Info It was brought to my attention that we were missing a membership page. It’s funny how sometimes when you update a website a page or two will go missing. This is one of those occasions. I put the page back in and you can Membership Info here. Thanks for the feedback

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