Jan 27

January 2011 Minutes

SAAA Meeting Minutes – January 2011

We did not hold a separate Board meeting in January. These items were discussed at the regular monthly meeting on January 14th, 2011.

Old Business Items
1. We set the agenda for the Feb. 14th Park Township program.
2. We discussed what the club could present at the March 19th Southwest Symphony Orchestra, and came up lacking.
3. Upcoming Events:
February 11th SAAA regular meeting: Macatawa Bay Planetarium at 7:00 PM.
Michael Sissing from Holland New Tech school will join us

February 14th (Valentine’s Day) Park Township Program: Macatawa Bay Planetarium 7:00 to 8:30 PM.
Members will present a Deep Sky Objects PowerPoint and a Planetarium show, and lead visitors in creating a Planisphere and a Big Dipper Clock.

Journey 4-H Outdoor Challenge: Late January or February, 2011
No updates were discussed.
March 4th and 5th Messier Marathon: Which location?

March 11th SAAA regular meeting: Macatawa Bay Planetarium at 7:00 PM.

March 19th Southwest Symphony Orchestra: has invited SAAA to participate in pre-concert activities for their presentation of “Holst: The Planets”. Russ will contact them to see if we are an appropriate fit for this event.
Black River School Earth Science Program: Date TBD. We discussed bringing a Stellarium presentation to the school.
New Business Items
1. Russ reviewed the redesigned the website. Two new visitors came to the meeting, and signed up as paying members. Was this a result of the redesigned website and “Friends of SAAA” contact list?

2. Members agreed to add a PayPal link to accept cash donations to the Club.

3. Russ presented photos of the Fox Park observatory in Eaton County, west of Lansing.

Members were in favor of re-establishing a partnership with Ottawa County Parks to provide community outreach, and to possibly develop a future observing site at Hemlock Crossings County Park.

4. We discussed buying a supply of twelve hats at $10 each. Robin is currently taking orders for clothing and other items with our club logo, but only through January 21st.

5. Prior to the meeting, Russ presented a draft of proposed changes to our club bylaws. Frank, Martha, and Larry will make further reviews and recommendations, to ensure that they match current policies.

George Miller – Secretary
January 20, 2011