Mar 30

April 2006

Board Minutes March 30, 2006

In attendance: Pete Burkey, Mark Logsdon, Robin Hudson, Jim Reier

Treasurers Report: $ 540.01

Old Business

  1. No updates on training of the new console at the Planetarium.
  2. Pete, Jim and his wife Jennifer attended the IMAX-Roving Mars. It was a wonderful program.
  3. The Messier Marathon in March was cancelled due to mostly cloudy skies.
  4. The SAAA will host the Girl Scouts at our April meeting. A tour of the May night sky will be provided. Mark will provide a count for the number of girls in the scout troop.
  5. Constellation of the Month for April is Leo, presented by Jim Reier

New Business

    1. For the May SAAA meeting, we will view a movie from the Club library. The Executive Board will decide which title at the May board meeting.
    2. Sky & Telescope dues will be collected at the April meeting. If you are a member who wishes to receive S&T, the SAAA Club provides yearly subscriptions at a reduced price.
    3. The SAAA will host a star party for the campers at Holland State Park in July. Peter will contact HSP to arrange a date in July.
    4. The SAAA will donate $50.00 to Vivekananda Monastery for hosting our Star Parties in 2006.
    5. Constellation of the Month for May will be presented by Mark Logsdon. Refreshments will be provided by Carson Mantooth.
    6. Mark is researching the minimum contribution for International Dark Sky Association (IDA) to maintain our sponsorship status.
    7. A Fall presentation is planned for Park Township in October. The theme of the presentation will be discussed in the next meeting.
    8. Robin Hudson will submit our request to the Federal government to establish our tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(7) non-profit educational and scientific organization.
    9. Constellation of the month for June will be an extended sky tour in the planetarium.
    10. At the April SAAA meeting, Larry will present a video and demonstrate howto collimate telescopes. Members are encouraged to bring their Telescopes in to be collimated.
    11. George will provide refreshments for June.


  • Refreshment schedule is as follows:
    April John Alderson
    May Carson Mantooth
    June George Miller


Respectfully submitted by Robin Hudson